No matter what kind of event you're having or how many people are attending, table seating will help you create a comfortable environment that will encourage your guests to linger.

Round Tables

If you're serving a meal at your event, round or rectangular tables are an ideal choice for guest seating. Whether you're offering buffet or table service, round tables are perfect for small to mid-size events where you want to create a conversational atmosphere.

Our round tables are available in 48-inch, 60-inch, and 72-inch sizes. The 48-inch round table seats up to four people. The 60-inch round table seats up to eight people. The 72-inch round table seats up to 10 people.

And even if you're not serving a meal, adding a few 48-inch or 60-inch round tables to your space will give people a place to sit and visit.



Banquet Tables

Banquet tables are better suited to high-capacity events because they are easier to arrange in a space, and they're ideal for events with buffet or family-style meal service. You can also use banquet tables for seating and work space at large company meetings.

We offer six-foot and eight-foot banquet tables, which seat up to eight and 10 people respectively. Banquet tables are also perfect for buffet service set-up, so don't forget to add a few to your order in addition to those needed for guest seating.




Cocktail and Pub Tables

Cocktail and appetizer events are a popular trend, and it's nice to give guests a place to set their drinks and mingle while they nosh.

Our 24-inch round cocktail tables are 42 inches tall and have enough room for up to 4 people to stand around them comfortably. Our 36-inch coktail tables can accommodate four people, seated at a 30-inch height or standing at a 42-inch height. Choose our 48-inch square pub tables for a cozy, four-top seating option. 



  Capacity 1 Day 1 Week 4 Weeks
6' x 30" banquet seats 6 or 8 >$8.62 $15 $30
8' x 30" banquet seats 8 or 10 $9.49 $16.50 $33
24" round (42" high) stand up 4 $8.05 $14 $28
36" round ( 42 )   $9.2 $18 $36
48" round (30" high) seats 4 $9.2 $16 $32
48" square seats 8 $10.92 $19 $38
72" round (30" high) seats 10 $12.08 $21 $42
Serpentine tables   $9.2 $16 $32
Tables Note: setup and tear down is $1 additional per table.


  1 Day 1 Week 4 Weeks
Black fiberglass $1.21 $2.10 $4.20
Brown fiberglass $1.21 $2.10 $4.20
White padded $3.45 $6 $12
Black bar stools $9.2 $16 $32
Burgundy bar stools $9.2 $16 $32
Folding bar  $30  $60  $120
Seating Note: setup and tear down for chairs is $0.25 for black folding chairs and $0.50 for white.