Toledo Tent will not be liable for the erection of said property on stated date in case, or forecast of, storms or excessive winds that might cause damage to said property. Toledo Tent shall be released hereunder for conditions brought about by Acts of God, strikes, boycotts, civil insurrections or commotions, invasions by a common enemy, or other conditions beyond their control.

Premises upon which equipment is to be delivered shall be accessible to delivery with our trucks. Rates do not include excessive carrying of objects. Premises and/or tent shall be clear of all obstructions, impediments, and decorations before installation or delivery will begin. Delays, obstructions, or excessive carrying delaying installation, takedown, delivery, or pick up of equipment will incur additional charges of $25.00/Hour/Man.

Rental fees for tables and chairs do not include set up or knock down, unless previous arrangements have been made. Furniture must be knocked down and stacked in one sheltered area for pick up. If furniture is not knocked down and stacked when crew arrives, a fee of $.50 per table and $.25 per chair will be assessed. Should time constraints not permit us to knock down furniture at this time, one additional day rental may incur, as well as knock-down charges.

All decorations and non-leased equipment shall be removed from the tent before take down. All staples or tape must be removed from tables, chairs, and tent poles. Failure to remove attachments will result in repair/repaint/removal charges. Surface upon which tent is to be installed shall be penetrable by conventional stake driving methods (i.e. sledge or jack hammer). If surface requires additional labor or equipment to penetrate (such as drilling concrete or quarry bed), waiting-time charges plus tool rental shall apply.

Customer shall assume the risk of, and compensation, and hold Toledo Tent harmless from and against any and all property damage and personal injury resulting from:

  1. People or property coming in contact with or falling over ropes, straps, poles, stakes, or other supports of the above-mentioned equipment, while in or about said property.
  2. Contact with pipes, wires, or other obstructions, such as but not limited to, gas pipes, irrigation, electrical wires, trees, flowers, bushes, planters, buildings, or gutters, while delivering, loading, unloading, erecting, dismantling, and/or use of said equipment.
  3. Injuries or damages caused by fire, rain, hail, sleet, snow, storms, high winds, tornadoes, floods, or other disturbances of nature, or by equipment falling or falling by reason thereof upon any persons, materials, or exhibits while under or about said property.

Customer is responsible for all damages due to negligence, theft, vandalism, misuse, or other avoidable occurrences outside Toledo Tent’s control. This term of responsibility is during the specified rental period, installation through takedown.

In the event that aforesaid property is blown down or damaged in any manner whatsoever due to storm, tornado, high winds, or other disturbances of nature, the rental aforesaid shall be due and payable.

Customer shall provide all necessary permits, licenses, and/or consents at customer’s expense prior to installation.

Customer shall have a representative present to show exact location of delivery or installation, and provide signature and payment of rental.

Any repositioning or moving of the tent once installation begins shall be charged at the aforementioned rate of $25.00/Hour/Man.

Delinquent accounts (30 or more days old) may, at the sole discretion of Toledo Tent, be charged 1.5% per month interest charge. Customer also agrees to pay all reasonable collection fees, including but not limited to: attorney fees, court costs, and collection service charges.

Customer shall, at their sole expense, be responsible for eliminating the buildup of snow and ice on all winter tent installations, through heating or other effective method. Customer assumes all responsibility for damages due to any accumulated buildup.

Customer agrees to pay full replacement cost, including labor, for all damages to rental equipment due to any cause whatsoever.

Unless waived by customer’s initials next to the damage waiver charge on this contract, Customer agrees to pay a damage waiver fee, which is a percentage of the rental fee. In exchange for this damage waiver fee, lessor agrees to modify the above paragraph of this contract and relieve lessee of liability for accidental damage to the rental item(s) on the contract, and for loss due to fire, collision, windstorm, upset and riot. However, excluded from this waiver is any loss or damage due to theft, burglary, misuse or abuse, theft by conversion, intentional damage, mysterious disappearance, or any loss due to customer failing to care for the rented item(s) as a prudent man would his own property.

It is customer’s responsibility to have a detailed evacuation plan in the event of high winds and severe weather. Tents are a temporary shelter and must be evacuated in severe and/or high winds.

Cancellation schedule is as follows:
30 days prior to event-----------Full refund of deposit
14-29 days prior------------------75% refund of deposit
7-13 days prior--------------------50% refund of deposit
6 days or less----------------------0% refund of deposit