Tent accessories such as tent liners, environment management equipment, and lighting take a plain, ordinary tent and turn it into an entertaining space worthy of your event.

At Toledo Tent, our accessories list includes everything from flooring and staging to table top accessories such as vases and votive holders.


Lighting sets the stage for an event. Create an elegant, classic feel with white twinkle lights. Use colored can lights to add drama or give the space a funky vibe.

We offer:

  • Streamer lights
  • Can lights

If you can dream it, Toledo Tent can design a lighting program to bring your idea to life.

Call us at 800-998-TENT to arrange a lighting consultation, or answer a few questions about your event here and a Toledo Tent representative will contact you within 48 hours.

Streamer lights $0.575 per running foot (50' sections)
Can Lights $23 / 1 Day - $40 / 1 Week - $80 / 4 Weeks


Most tents are set up on soft surfaces such as grass or sand, or hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt. Tent flooring allows you to transform your yard or parking lot into a ballroom, a dance club or a sports arena.

Our flooring options include:

For more information, or tell us about your event here and a Toledo Tent representative will contact you within 48 hours.

Sico dance floor 4 x 4 sections Oak $23 - Day / $40 - Week / $80 - 4 Weeks
Dura-Trac Floor 1.25 per sq ft
Flooring Note: Sico dance floor will not be rented without the trim


The most unpredictable thing about any event is the weather.

We’ve got you covered with the tent, but in the event of blowing rain, snow, or extreme hot or cold temperatures, sidewalls will keep everyone comfortable.

  • French window sidewalls
  • White Blockout Sidewall

White Blockout sidewall completely blocks out sun from entering the tent and provides privacy to areas needed.

French window sidewalls will give your event a classy look and let light into the space.

French window sidewall $1.43 per foot
White Blockout Sidewall .575c per ft

Heaters & A/C

One way to make your event a success is to keep your guests as comfortable as possible.

Our environmental control equipment includes heaters and air conditioners in a variety of styles and outputs. Just tell us about your event, and how many people you’ll be hosting, and we’ll help you choose the right one for your space.

Heating and Air Conditioning
Climate control Call for pricing
Heaters 170,000 BTU $212.75 - Day / $370 - Week / $740 - 4 Weeks
Additional 100# tanks call for price
Industrial fans 42" $51.75 - Day / $90 - Week / $180 - 4 Weeks
Patio Heater $74.75 - Day / $130 - Week / $260 - 4 Weeks


Podium and microphone $86.25 - Day / $150 - Week / $300 - 4 Weeks
Water barrels (55 gal.) $11.5 - Day / $20 - Week / $40 - 4 Weeks
Folding bar $30.00 - Day / $60 - Week / $120 - 4 Weeks
Generator plus fuel 6500 Watts $125.00 - Day / $380 - Week / $760 - 4 Weeks
Trash boxes $7.50 each - comes with 1 liner